Maker Faire North Carolina needs YOU!

Looking to do *more* than simply attend this year? We have LOTS of ways you can be part of Maker Faire North Carolina:


Thank you for your interest in volunteering this year. At this point we are at capacity with our volunteer force now, and so we are not actively looking for additional volunteers. You can find out more about volunteer roles here but we are no longer accepting volunteer applications. Please try again next year!


Makers, well MAKE STUFF!  High-tech, low-tech, new ideas and traditional skills and crafts.  Maker Faire includes all these and more!  Here are our Maker categories:

Non-Commercial Makers: You just want to teach, inspire and share and there is no commercial angle to what you’re doing.  Great!  If you have something great to share, we’ll give the space to do it free of charge!

Crafters:  You Make something that you’d like to sell and which would be a good fit for Maker Faire North Carolina, but you aren’t looking to teach your craft.  That’s fine!  We’ve had lots of requests for Crafter space, so this year we’re making it available.  You’ll find all the details in our Maker Application.

We also have room for companies that wish to interactively share their products as Sponsors for this year’s event.  Again, all the details are in the Maker Application!