My friends,

After a lot of soul searching I have decided to move on from Maker Faire North Carolina. As you can no doubt appreciate this was a difficult decision for me to make.

My energy stores and the energy of my core team has simply run dry. All of us producing this event did it on the side after our full time jobs and we’ve simply found that working 20 or more extra hours a week organizing the Faire has come at too high a cost.

If there is to be a sixth Maker Faire North Carolina it will need to be accomplished under new leadership. Perhaps that’s you? It is almost certain that there will not be a 2015 event. My hope is that some enterprising person or some institution will step up with resources, initiative, energy, and great ideas to plot the future for the festival.

I am very proud of Maker Faire North Carolina. I had a blast creating it from nothing and then growing it using the considerable expertise and gumption of those on my team and the friendships I have formed with all of the Makers, Crafters, volunteers, and sponsors. It has been a pleasure to lead the process, bask in the glories, and learn from the failures.

I know this is a bummer but don’t despair. If the June 2014 Maker Faire North Carolina was the last then I want you to know that we went out on the highest of notes. What we built together changed lives. It was an influencer for the southeast and an inspiration to thousands.

Thank you for being part of this inspirational enterprise. This chapter has closed but a new even more exciting chapter is surely on the horizon.

Jonathan Danforth
Founder, Maker Faire North Carolina